The Stage is Alive with Stanley Enow

The Stage is Alive with Stanley Enow

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The Stage is Alive with Stanley Enow

Have you ever seen a person bring a stage to life?

…If you haven’t seen a stage come to LIFE, then sign up quickly to find out where the legendary talent that is Stanley Enow take the next stage because he’s on fire.
From swag to vibe to look, they all roll into one; combined with his talent, Stanley Enow is world-class.

Able to fuse, merge and work with all walks of talented life, he is mesmerising to see in person.
His performances are show-worthy, electrifying with total energy, leaving many wondering how he can still remain with a smile on his face throughout when he mounts any stage!

When he released his 2023 hit single ‘Take Ova’ on 7/7, Stanley Enow was not joking, as this talented being is taking over!
He crosses shores to bless the elderly, young and dignitaries alike; Stanley has, without a shadow of a doubt, captivated the core heart of Cameroon yet again and outstretched his embrace to shores both far and wide with love from the USA, Ivory Coast, Ghana, UK and not forgetting France.

Currently in Paris on a media tour, Stanley Enow took time out of his busy schedule to grace the stage by joining his brother-in-arms, James BKS, at his headline show for one night only at the beautiful Theater Chatelet with the single ‘Celebrate Blessings’.
Without a shadow of a doubt, that performance was the pinnacle of the night for many as the crowd cried for more with an encore from the Hein Père hitmaker.

Stanley Enow certainly is the one to watch, so don’t blink as you may miss a beat as a little birdie tells us that Stanley isn’t here with a one-hit wonder, as Stanley Enow has hand-crafted his forthcoming EP, which includes undoubted fire with Take Ova which came first to set the pace and open the gateway to a new world of The African Gentleman.

So take a seat, buckle up and enjoy the ride as Stanley Enow is driving this one all the way.

Lastly, stay updated with all you need about African music at S.O.A. right here.

Images from the Concert

The Stage is Alive with Stanley Enow The Stage is Alive with Stanley Enow Photography by: Stephane @stephane_bossart9

The Stage is Alive with Stanley Enow