Sounds of Africa is a platform that showcases the richness of African contemporary and traditional music, engaging new audiences and diasporan Africans to experience the variety in the music culture.

The purpose of the Sounds of Africa is dedicated to archiving a collection of musical items, preserving, celebrating, educating and showcasing the very best of African music. Over the past seven years, we have documented the African music scene around the World.

In 2015, we set a UK record by being the first exhibitor to showcase a full room of African artistry in our debut exhibition. ‘Sounds of Africa’, created by documentary photographer Michael Tubi aka Michael Tubes with the purpose of giving the attendees a greater understanding and appreciation of the intriguing mixes and complexities of genres of African music.

The Exhibition provides a platform to showcase the diversity and richness of traditional and contemporary African music through photography, talks,  and performances by African musicians. 

The Sounds of Africa Exhibition connects African diaspora to their roots and culture. As well as, engaging new audiences to experience and share this rich musical heritage that has fuelled and energised international, national, social. Cultural and economic changes.

In 2016, we showcased  ‘Afrobeats exhibition’. A continuation from ‘Sounds of Africa’. The AfroBeats’ exhibition portrayed the emotions and reactions of fans all over the world during AfroBeats concerts, highlighting the ability of how this popular African music genre is captivating and moving the world to dance to its rhythm.

The rebirth and growth of African music can no longer be ignored but applauded, celebrated and projected. Our upcoming Women in African Music exhibition will shed light on the artistry and success of women in African Music. Highlight challenges they’ve overcome, sound a call to action to address outstanding issues and introduce old and new audiences to the plethora of beautiful music being produced by women in African music.



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