AFROfusion star Burnaboy at Brixton Academy

Nigerian AFROfusion star Burnaboy gave an amazing performance at his sold out concert at the Brixton Academy, that has got his fans excited.

Burna Boy is known to make grand entrance in his past UK concerts. He previously made a grand entrance on the back of official UK police van. This time he pulled up on stage in a Cadillac car.

He sang most of his popular tunes, proving he’s one of the best performers on the scene. He also demonstrated his fashion sense with his various vibrant styles both on stage and off.

The atmosphere felt more than a concert. It turned to a huge festival when he sang his hit single “YE”. The energetic Burna gave his fans an musical experience that captivated them.

BurnaBoy performs live at Brixton Academy.

London, United Kingdom. 7th October 2018. Burna Boy performs live at Brixton Academy. Photographed by Michael Tubes