New Music: 'Nakupenda' - Paris Gold

New Music: ‘Nakupenda’ – Paris Gold

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New Music: ‘Nakupenda’ – Paris Gold

Paris Gold released her brand new single titled “Nakupenda”, which is Available Worldwide on all streaming platforms.

Paris Gold was asked about the meaning of nakupenda; she explained, “Nakupenda means I love you in Swahili, although when you listen to the Record, it gives you a whole different feeling.”

She shared some details about what her supporters can expect on her new single “This record is the first of its kind on my catalogue. I wanted to exercise my writing skills.

As a rapper and a musician.” Gold continued saying, “When it comes to me, versatility is my sport, I’m really enjoying myself honestly, and I just want my gold gang to know they will always receive my best, and I love them so much.”

When asked what inspired this record, she stated,” I love my supporters in the UK; they Show me so much love, and I wanted to have a record which I could use as an outlet, also sharing things from my own perspective. Even though I can be sweet, there is a spicy side to me as well; that’s what makes me different I’m in my own lane; I choose my gears you’ll see”.

Paris Gold leaves her fans on edge, anticipating her new release, “Nakupenda”.

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New Music: ‘Nakupenda’ – Paris Gold