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A project release, as grand as it might be, is not where the curtain is dropped. Nope! This is indeed where more work is put in, as you would imagine, and a considerable doubt lingers if any performing artiste goes to rest following this moment.

Buju’s recently released body of work, ‘Sorry I’m Late EP to be of emotional storytelling, his gospel continues on a rapt spread to Apple’s most extensive African playlist, Apple Music’s Next Africa Rising Artist, an anticipated Live in Concert in Nigeria come December, Afrobeats Party in Northampton, England and the list continues.

As much as these are the effects of an astonishing audio project, Buju goes on to prove that there’s more to learn personally from the EP with the premiere of what would be called the most inspirational track on the work, Never Stopped.’ Another proof manifested by these visual releases is how intentional Buju is with his craft and seemingly how sensitive he is to his audience whom he did not make thirst for any length of time.

‘Never Stopped’ video portrays the entirety of Buju’s intentions on the track. The JM Films production were excellent and narrated by Buju as the author of the lyrics itself and well delivered by the cast, who gave all the reasons not to give up one’s hustle with their acting.

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