New Music: Lipsy Baby 'Fokus'

New Music: Lipsy Baby ‘Fokus’

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New Music: Lipsy Baby ‘Fokus’

Fokus is a very expressive track, centred around the pressure of guys trying to impress the ladies of today with them being so independent and making a good living for themselves. Fokus undeniably brings a happy mood, combined with infamous finger dance moves, which is very popular with the younger African audience.

Everyone enjoys a good dance tune, and this one doesn’t shy away from that African music flavour of the new Afrobeats generation. “Fokus initially started as a joke between a perfect friend of mine named Daniel, hence why his name is on the particular line “even Daniel sef no gree near” We joked that girls in my home town of Benin City now all want to drive a Benz.

A week after we had that joke and laughed, I heard a beat, and as I listened further to the beat, the joke we had was the only thing in my head, and after trying the lines we joked about,  I think it was a done deal from that point on. Afterwards, I sent the track to my friend to listen to, he was amazed that the joke had now turned into a whole track.

When anyone listens to Fokus, they certainly can’t help but move a part of their body as the rhythm plays. That for me is a success as I always try to bring happiness with my music, and if this track brings an ounce of joy to someone, then I know I am achieving my purpose in music”.


New Music: Lipsy Baby ‘Fokus’

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