New Music: Fave "Riddim 5" - EP

New Music: Fave “Riddim 5” – EP

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New Music: Fave “Riddim 5” – EP

While her bedroom freestyle and early singles—including 2019’s “MOMMS” and 2021’s “Beautifully”—explored her poetic, romantic side, Nigerian singer-songwriter Fave (born GodsFavour Chidozie) embraces the feel-good vibe on her debut EP, Riddim 5.

“All the songs gave me her ‘riddim’ vibe—something sweet that has a very nice groove,” she tells Apple Music. “It’s what she calls a sound that’s bonkers—nothing you’ve heard before, and it lasts a lifetime.”

Following her laidback appearances on Olamide’s 2021 album UY Scuti, Riddim 5reveals Fave’s different facets, fusing Afropop elements with Caribbean influences and hints of R&B and hip-hop—but without a strict allegiance to one particular mode.

“It was a whole process experimenting with a different sound—basically trying to push herself, discover [how far] she could go and the songs or genres that she could hop on. Her sound has a lot of soul in it.”.


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New Music: Fave “Riddim 5” – EP