Ghana Party In The Park

Ghana Party in the Park 2021

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Ghana Party in the Park 2021: The vibes get better & better

If you want to come out of the pandemic with only good vibes, then ‘Ghana Party in the Park UK’ was the place to be on Saturday 24th July as Akwaaba UK let it reign!

It’s been a decade of total good Ghanian musical vibes from Dennis and his team. Still, with the hit of Covid-19 changing all of our lives as we know it, the festival season took a nosedive for the past 16months, but GPITP opened up the festival season for “life after Covid 2021” with the sweetest of shows to date.

The day was electric, the vibes were sweet, and on this day, even the UK weather got involved as it graced the event with sun and smiles.

It may have been a 5k capacity, and understandably some people chose to keep Covid at bay by staying away. Still, for the thousands that attended, they came to party hard with the solid lineup of artists straight outta Gh with the likes of Camidoh the grind don’t stop master who had the girls in love with more than his green locks. Still, his voice sang the sweet melodies followed by invigorating performances from Kwabena Kwabena, Mr Drew, S3fa, Amerado and Kumerica. They came to show London that Accra is not the only place that is lit inside Ghana as Yaw Tog, Kweku Flick and Kofi Jamar hit them hard.

But that’s not it, oh no Br3nya, Darkoo, Sarkodie, King Promise, and Global Boga came with the surprises as they mounted the stage to give the crowd more continuous juice.
The love kept on coming as the unity reigned with Ghana’s very own proud Thomas Partey, who vibed the artists with personalised signed jerseys for all, showing the world that Ghana is love. Still, the love just continued as Africa’s Eddie Kadi and ShopsyDoo graced the event with energy & more love, and the whole event was captured through the lens of Michael Tubes as the official photographer for the event which World Remit powered.

Sarkodie & King Promise on stage, during their performance, honoured DJ Abrantee for his contribution to the growth of Afrobeats and Ghanaian music in the UK

As we say in London, ‘we dey inside’. Ghana came, she saw, she conquered! Long live our homeland Ghana and all who she bares fruit to.
Now that the Afro music festival scene has officially been opened for 2021 (as we survive the pandemic) let Africa reign once again.

In the words of the late Kwame Nkrumah
Forward ever, backward never.

Lastly, stay up to date with all you need to know about African music at SOA, right here.

 Images: Ghana Party in the Park 2021:

Ghana Party in the Park 2021

King Promise

Ghana Party in the Park 2021

King Promise & Sarkodie

Ghana Party in the Park 2021


Ghana Party in the Park 2021

Ghana Party in the Park 2021


Mr Drew




Ghana Party in the Park 2021