5 Amapiano Songs To Listen To This November 2021

5 Amapiano Songs To Listen To This November 2021

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                                                                                                       5 Amapiano Songs To Listen To This November 2021

Who would have thought that Amapiano would have exploded onto the scenes five years ago and now has become commercial? It’s crazy, but everyone is grooving to it and loving it. Here are the best songs to listen to this month…

Are you new to this genre? Then No Where by Iyanya ft DJ Tarico, Nelson Tivane and Preck is the perfect introduction to this South African genre. These four artists are here to bring Amapiano to the forefront. Iyanya is an Afropop singer, DJ Tarico is a producer from Mozambique, Nelson Tivane is a singer-songwriter, and Preck is a rapper, producer and songwriter.

We have MFR Souls song Msholokazi. Soa Mattrix, T-Man SA and Bassie are featured on this track. This is one to play when you show people your sexy side and confidence. MFR Souls are a South African Amapiano DJ duo and producers who have brought us many relaxing, smooth and hard-hitting Amapiano tracks over the years. So there’s one to fit everybody’s mood.



We have Karen Nyame KG from London, with her Afrobeat, Amapiano and Electronic sounds and vocals. She is shaping the African dance genre in the UK, has featured in MixMag, and has joined Westside Radio. She burst onto the scenes many years ago and has never looked back. Her song Nzinga is a popular one. It’s a favourite because of the song’s dark smoky vocals, and It captures fans with her catchy UK dancehall and HipHop infused lyrics, on top of punchy Amapiano beats.

Bassie ft Tyler ICY, KayGee and The Vibe bring us Ngiyazifela, a slow Amapiano heartfelt song. With Bassie’s R&B style vocals and lyrics with lots of meaning, it’s the track to play when you want something, with a bit of soul, to listen to. It brings me back to when Amapiano first became well known in the UK before it became commercial.

Last but not least, Slim Prince has teamed up with Skales for Jennifer Lo. This song shows us all the elements of excellent Amapiano music that can be played on repeat.  The harmonies, Afrobeat vibes, Amapiano melodies and beats… Spot on! This song takes you back to old school Amapiano tunes, as some songs now are too commercial and don’t sound authentic. One to have as a “pick me up” tune.

Have you listened to these songs? Which one is your favourite? When you want some House music with Afrobeat elements, Amapiano is the genre to check out.

Lastly, stay up to date with all you need to know about African music at SOA, right here.

5 Amapiano Songs To Listen To This November 2021